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A musical epic
Progressive traditional music







Inspired by traditional music, human nature and the sheer joy of
living, these seven insightful musicians offer a distinctive, dynamic
and innovative style of music that takes you away on a journey
into oneself.

Bourrasque Celtique is renowned as one of the rare French Quebecois
groups that meld progressive traditional music so marvellously with
present-day world music influences and lyrics with positive vibrations.
Listeners are carried away by a dynamic and rousing mix of flute,
mandolin, clarinet, electric guitar, Spanish bagpipes and a solid
double bass and percussion. The lyrics, born of self-awareness and
a conscientious understanding of one’s shared temporal existence
are sustained by confident polyphonic vocals, creative well-chosen
arrangements and original compositions.


Bourrasque Celtique, formed in 1996 of a father/ son duo,
Marc Bilodeau (violin, mandolin) and his son Raphaël
(electric guitar).They begin experimenting with traditional
Quebecois music with an alternative approach. In 1997,
Vincent Lacroix (flute, vocals) and François Géradin (percussion)
join them to produce their first album which was released
in 1999: Nordet.

In 2002 Samuel Ouellet (percussion), Andréanne Gallichant (clarinet
and vocals) and Patrice Benech (bass) join the group and record
the second album L’Oiseau Tonnerre, released in 2003.
In 2003 Pierre-David Girard takes over as bass guitarist. Marc’s
daughter, Odéi Bilodeau Bergeron joins them in 2006 as singer.
A new show and their third album, Sentier des Loups, are
produced in 2010. Daniel Lacombe takes over as percussionist
in 2009.


New album "Sentier des loups", march 2010

Photos : L'ion D'or, MTL










MARC BILODEAU     mandolin

Founder and artistic director of the group, Marc has an insatiable love of traditional music. His ardent exploration and journey into his vast repertoire has led him to compose his own tunes. The on-stage presence of this colourful entertainer overflows with an energy that is truly moving.
Deeply passionate, he encourages and supports traditional music projects. He is a member of the traditional band Lustukru and is the artistic director of the festival «Les Violons d’Automne» of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. He is also a member of a Celtic-Indian duo: From 1996 - 2000 he was musician and president of the «Troupe du Vieux-Moulin ». He performed in many European festivals and represented the Quebecois folkloric association (AQLF) for his region.



RAPHAEL BILODEAU   electric and acoustic guitars

Raphaël devotes the majority of his time to Bourrasque Celtique.

His particular style of accompaniment, influenced by his past experiences during his heavy-metal phase, lends new and innovative arrangements to traditional music that are truly his own Using his guitars either to accompany or to play the melody, with his unique command of special effects he can create stirring trance-like sound effects taking us from a hypnotic mood to a wild delirious beat.

Raphaël is an experienced sound technician. He also offers an account of his travels using multimedia backup (following his stay in Ireland and Scandinavia in 2001).



VINCENT LACROIX    flutes / Gaïta (spanish bagpipe) / Voice

A Self-taught and versatile musician, Vincent has worked in the area of traditional music for many years now. The variety of his repertoire has nothing to equal it but his impressive talentto create music with just about anything that comes to hand. He is an active member of numerous musical projects andoffers a unique and remarkable solo performance: Vincent, The Medieval Orchestra Man. for more information.



DANIEL LACOMBE   percussions

Daniel remembers clearly when he beat his first drum and the passion and interest that grew from it. He makes it look easy but his style of percussion honed from his experiences with different bands is nothing of the sort. His incredible range of sounds is impressive and especially suitable to jazz and improvisation.
Research of new sounds and teaching his art occupy a large part of his time. He gives courses at the International school of music in Montmagny where his workshop and conferences attract people of all ages.



ANDRÉANNE GALLICHAND  vocals and clarinet

More than ever her artistic evolution brings her to composing, writing and interpretation, using many art forms. At the heart of Bourrasque Celtique she is singer, clarinettist, author and composer and works on numerous musical arrangements. Andréanne studied clarinet at the Conservatory of music of Quebec as well as at University Laval. She obtained her BAC in musical education and specialised in choral direction. She also followed courses in singing and dancing. Her on-stage presence unites all the facets of her many talents and sends sparks ripplingthrough the audience. Andréanne is a conductor of a choir since 1990. She is also the founder and director of numerous innovative groups and projects of various musical genres in the region of St Jean-Port-Joli.






Born in Chicoutimi in the Saguenay, he gets his passion from his father who is a bass player.

From the age of thirteen he signs on for music options at school. Deeply motivated he played in as many groups as he could to develop his style and skills as a musician.

He studied bass for three years at Drummondville College with bass guitarist and contrabassist Guy Boisvert and went on to specialise in jazz interpretation.

He works by contract for numerous people and bands in the Drummondville area. His knowledge of many musical styles leads him to lend new, exciting sounds to the group,Bourrasque Celtique’s, compositions and arrangements.






Odéi Bilodeau Bergeron   vocals

Last recruited member of the group, Odéi brings a totally new sound
and originality to the vocal arrangements. After two years of study as
a classical singer at the Vincent-d’Indy school of music she went on
to get her diploma from the Conservatory of music in Montréal in
2010. She is presently continuing her studies with soprano singer
Donna Brown. There is no doubt that Odéi has a promising future
ahead of her as a singer.





Performances to their credit:

… fourteen years of performances and three albums later, this multi-generational group demonstrate professionalism and an unconditional love of the stage. They’ve performed hundreds of times in Québec, in the whole of eastern Canada, as well as at concerts for important gathering events such as:


- Ontario Council of Folk Festivals,
Ottawa, October 2010 (Showcase)
- Festival La Grande Rencontre,
Montréal, August 2010 (showcase)
- Festival Mondial de la Terre,
Rimouski, June 2010
- Launching of third album,
Rivière-du-Loup, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Québec, Montréal,
March and April 2010
- Festival Écho Fête de Trois-Pistoles,
August 2007
- Recording for Espace Musique de Radio Canada,
World music series, March 2007
- Fêtes de La Nouvelle-France de Québec,
2006 and 2003
- Festival Mémoire et Racines de Joliette,
- Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville,
- Festival La Virée, Carleton,
2007 and 2002


Newspaper clips

Le Devoir,
21 May 2010, Yves BERTRAND
«They write songs to the ancient music of Québec, England and
Ireland. Even to reels, […]. After a few listens one is left feeling
energised by the experience.»

Le Placoteux,
10 March 2010, Maurice GAGNON
«Bourrasque Celtique gave a wild performance […],
at the occasion of the launching of their new album
Sentier des Loups.»

Élizabeth Gagnon, Radio Canada,
«They are truly incredibly dynamic; energy flows out
of the very pores of their skin.»

Jocelyn Bérubé, Artiste conteur,
«A traditional group unlike all others, they are passionate
and outstanding on stage.»